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How to get rid of fruit flies

We all hate fruit flies. They ruin our salads, mess with our baking, sneak into our homes and make us want to kill them. It’s not just fruit flies that can be a problem—it’s also their larvae and eggs.

You should also ensure the area around your house is free of fruit flies. Local Exterminators can help with their services, but if you’re willing to do it yourself or have access to natural remedies at home, you can use these methods:

Vinegar and dish soap trap

To trap fruit flies, you can use a shallow bowl and add dish soap to the bottom. Add vinegar and make sure it’s not too deep. Then, add a piece of fruit to the mixture. Leave your bowl for 24 hours, so any flies that the soap and vinegar will trap land on it.

Apple cider vinegar trap

Apple cider vinegar is a natural fruit fly repellent. You can use it to attract and trap the flies, or you can use it as a deterrent. All you need to do is pour apple cider vinegar into a bowl, then place your apples in the bowl. You should see some dead fruit flies floating in the vinegar. This method also works well with other sweet fruits like pears and melons. 

Honey and yellow paper trap

This is an easy way to eliminate fruit flies by simply putting honey around your kitchen. The flies will be attracted to the sweet taste of the honey, and then they will fly right into it. You can also use yellow paper as a trap for the fruit flies. The best part about this method is that it doesn’t require any chemicals or other poisons. Just place some yellow substance in a container with some water, like a bowl or plate, and place it near where you see the fruit flies coming from (like on top of a cabinet). The fruit flies will go into it and drown!

Pro prevention tips

If you’ve been noticing fruit flies around your home for quite some time, it’s time to take action! Here are some ideas on how to avoid fruit fly infestation:

1. Fruit flies like to hide in dark areas or around food sources like left over fruit or pet food dishes. If you have piles of old magazines or newspapers lying around your house, these will serve as perfect hiding places for these pests. Also make sure that all food waste is carefully disposed of in the trash so that it doesn’t attract more fruit flies into your home.

2. Fruit flies like to breed in dirty drains where they can lay their eggs. So keeping your drains clean will help reduce the number of fruit fly infestations by preventing them from breeding there.

3. Keep fruit flies out of your kitchen by keeping it clean and organized. A messy countertop will make them think there’s a good home for them there!


Food and moisture create excellent environments for fruit flies to lay eggs and reproduce. It’s not unusual to find a few fruit flies lingering in your kitchen. They’re easy enough to get rid of, but it can be frustrating when they start flying around in larger numbers.

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