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Crofton is a great place to live with our Crofton Village Green and the Crofton Country Club. Crofton, MD, has many great neighborhoods today, but this expansion has made Crofton a very attractive habitat for pests of all types, such as ants, Roaches, Mice, Spiders, Termites, and more. All are possibly carrying diseases and viruses.

Protecting your home and family in Crofton against pests requires the best pest control and extermination services.

Old Bay Pest Control is a trusted, professional, locally owned company that knows our community of neighbors in Crofton, its pests, and their habits better than anyone.

With a 4.9 star rating on Google by your neighbors and recently voted “Best in Central Maryland by the readers of “What’s Up Central Maryland. ” You can count on us to get it right the first time.

Our trained, licensed exterminator will inspect your home inside and out and consult with you about his findings before exterminating all existing pests and blocking their return.

All work performed by our technicians will be done with products that are not only effective but also safe for your family and pets. With Old Bay Pest Control, you can live pest-free and stress-free. We Guarantee it.

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      General Pests

      Stop pests from damaging your property or yard at home.

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      Remove rodents and prevent their return.

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      Protect your home with our termite treatment.

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      Don’t let mosquitoes invade your home or business.

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      Remove wildlife and keep them out.

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      About Old Bay Pest Control


      Ryan is great to work with! He is professional, knowledgeable was very thorough which is what you want in pest control and removal. Ryan is honest and I appreciate that he did not try to scare me into buying services that I didn’t need. He was able to identify what services I did need and took care of the pests. I had a great experience and would highly recommend Ryan and Old Bay Pest Control. Thanks for the great service.

      Scott B. – Crofton,

      As a customer of Old Bay Pest Control for over a year now, I continue to receive exceptional service from Ryan and his team. They are always accommodating to my scheduling needs, extremely communicative and knowledgeable in their field of work. For a household with phobias of both spiders and camel crickets, we appreciate Old Bay Pest Control coming to the rescue!

      Parissa Grantham – Crofton, MD

      Old Bay Pest was our 3rd company to come and deal with a mice issue. We are so happy with the attention to detail and expertise from this company. 3 times a charm! Flavia from Old Bay Pest showed up early was very good and 30 is OK professional during the entire service. She covered up openings that we didn’t think could be covered. She explained everything she was doing so we were informed. We are so impressed and relieved that our mice issue is resolved.

      Jolie Mauricio. – Crofton, MD

      Don’t Let Termites Eat Your Home

      Expert Local Termite Treatment in Crofton, MD & Surrounding Areas

      100% Guaranteed Pest Control Services

      At Old Bay Pest Control, we understand that you love your home and want to keep it pest free. That’s why we offer a variety of guaranteed maintenance programs and services to keep your house and you pest free 365 days a year. Our programs and services are custom designed to combat YOUR pests in your home. No cookie cutter programs, The Old Bay Pest Control guarantee is that if a pest should appear between your regularly scheduled services, give us a call or contact us, and we will be right out, free of charge. Call today to be pest-free and stress-free tomorrow and every day.

      Mice & Rats in Crofton

      Humans have co-existed with mice, rats, and squirrels for thousands of years. This does not mean you should tolerate sharing your home in Crofton and even your food. Rodents can spread viruses and diseases not only with their droppings but also through their saliva while nibbling at your food. Mice and rats can also cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home as they chew through wires, drywall, and furniture. Also, attic and wall insulation make the ideal nest for their young. This is why removing rodents as soon as you see signs is so important. Old Bay Pest Control will inspect your Crofton property finding the rodent’s point of entry. Using the safest treatment methods possible, we will not only remove the rodents but, with our exclusion work, will prevent and eliminate their return. No one should have to share their home with rodents.

      Wildlife Control in Crofton, MD

      Crofton, MD, has beautiful family communities, vast open areas, and parks. With this comes several forms of wildlife, many of which can carry diseases and viruses with them. You will find Raccoons, possums, groundhogs, squirrels, and more. Homeowners and businesses should always try to avoid confronting wildlife on their own. Turn to the experts at Old Bay Pest Control. We will HUMANELY remove small animals using the safest and most effective methods. If animals have gained entry to your home, we will provide exclusion work preventing their return.