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Annapolis is a great place to live. Annapolis has something for everyone, from the Naval Academy to Quiet Waters Park. Unfortunately, pests couldn’t agree more with insects and unwanted visitors like ants, spiders, mosquitoes, mice, and cockroaches bothering Annapolis residents year-round. With our hot, humid summers and cold winters, these pests could use your home as a source of food and shelter. If you have children and pets, these pests could also severely threaten their health and safety.

As a local family-owned company Old Bay Pest Control has the experience and training right here in Annapolis to eradicate your pests and keep them from returning. Every appointment starts with thoroughly inspecting your home and discussing your concerns. We will then use our findings to develop a custom-designed program that fits your needs. At Old Bay Pest Control, we will treat your Annapolis home like our own while always using products that put your family and pet’s safety first. As a result, we will keep your home 100% stress-free and pest-free year-round. We guarantee it.

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    Stop pests from damaging your home.


    Remove rodents and prevent their return.

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    Protect your home with termite control services.
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    Don’t let mosquitoes invade your home.

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    Remove wildlife and keep them out.

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    Keep your furniture free of bed bugs.

    Old Bay Pest Control in Annapolis, MD

    At Old Bay Pest Control, we commit to providing the best pest control services for your Annapolis, MD property. We understand that unwelcome visitors can be stressful, especially when dealing with unexpected insect intruders, summer mosquito invasions, rodents, termite swarms, and damaging wildlife. This is why Old Bay Pest Control offers Annapolis homeowners a 100% guarantee on our pest Control Services. We will eradicate your pest with our safe, proven methods allowing you to get things back to normal as soon as possible, stress-free. Old Bay Pest Control always uses products to keep all your family and pets safe and uses only the most humane methods when dealing with wildlife.

    At Old Bay Pest Control, we know that there are several choices for pest control in Annapolis, and picking the exemplary service can be challenging. However, many of them are identical to the same thing. Number one! Best in Annapolis! Award-Winning! Who said they are the best? What award did they win? We will tell you who said Old Bay Pest Control is the best. Your friends and neighbors right here in Annapolis and throughout Anne Arundel County. The proof is in our Google 4.9 Star rating. This rating is based on reviews from your neighbors and friends in Cape St Claire, Parole, Bay Ridge, Eastport, Georgetown, Annapolis City, and Greater Annapolis. Does Old Bay Pest Control provide award-winning service? We do. We are very proud to be Home Advisor Elite Service Certified three years in a row! 2019, 2020, and 2021. At Old Bay, you will always be treated like family. We will be on time, friendly and respectful. We will listen to your concerns, do a complete inspection, share our findings, and explain our course of action. You will be pest-free and stress-free. We Guarantee it!

    By the way, why are these other companies always advertising for new employees on their websites? Will a new hire do your service.? At Old Bay Pest Control, all our technicians are trained, licensed and participate in ongoing education and training.


    Ryan and his crew have provided all the services in a professional, courteous, prompt and friendly manner for the past 2 years I’ve worked with him. His personal service exceeds expectations and has provided better results than Paramount Pest Control and Terminix at my home. His company will remain my future pest control go-to. You won’t be disappointed!!

    Lynn H. – Annapolis, MD

    Ryan was great! He called me and I explained I had uninvited squirrels living in my attic. He discussed the options to safely trap, or evict them humanely. When he arrived, luckily they were out hunting for acorns and he was able to seal the entry point and not I will sleep without the scratching noises of them dancing on my ceiling. I would definitely hire them again or recommend them to others. Squirrel free and loving it!

    Cahba K. – Annapolis, MD

    Awesome!!!! 110% satisfied with Old Bay Pest control on so many levels. Ryan and Kevin are amazing!!!!! Professional and friendly Customer service, knowledgeable, immediate response to calls and or text. Didn’t have to wait hours or until the next business day for response for scheduling and or any questions answered. Care and respect of home,  homeowner and their pets
    I’ve already recommended to several friends and neighbors. We’re forever customers now 

    Staci A. – Annapolis, MD

    Don’t Let Termites Eat Your Home

    Expert Local Termite Treatment in Annapolis, MD & Surrounding Areas

    Annapolis Rodent Control

    Although hazardous humans have co-existed with mice, rats, and squirrels throughout history, this does not mean you should tolerate sharing your food and home. Rodents spread viruses and diseases with their droppings and through their saliva. While searching for food for their young, they chew thru electrical wires and drywall while also gnawing at furniture and baseboards, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Also, rodents love to use your attic and wall insulation to make a nest for their young. Mice and rats are prolific breeders capable of creating a colony in just a few weeks. This is why removing rodents at the first sign of infestation is so important. Old Bay Pest Control’s licensed technicians will inspect your entire home inside and out the location of the rodent’s point of entry. Using the safest methods possible, we will not only remove the rodents but, with our exclusion work, will prevent their return. No one should have to share their home with rodents.

    100% Guaranteed Pest Control

    At Old Bay Pest Control, we understand that you love your home and want to keep it pest free. That’s why we offer a variety of guaranteed maintenance programs to keep you pest free 365 days a year. Our programs are custom designed to combat YOUR pests in your home. No cookie cutter programs, The Old Bay Pest Control guarantee is that in the unlikely event that a pest should appear between your regularly scheduled services, give us a call, and we will be right out, free of charge. So call today to be pest-free and stress-free tomorrow and every day.

    Humane Wildlife Control in Annapolis

    Wildlife is an everyday part of our life with our many forests, rivers, and streams in Annapolis. While seeing them in their natural environment may be interesting, wildlife can be hazardous to your family, home, and pets. Many animals, such as squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs, opossums, and foxes, carry disease viruses and more. Not only could they attack at any time, but they may enter your home thru a vent, fireplace, or pipe. In search of food and shelter, they often chew their way into an attic, crawlspace, or through the wall into your living space, causing thousands of dollars in damage. They merely want to share your home with your family and pets. If you see or hear wildlife in your home, attic, or digging in your trash or yard in Annapolis, please do not approach them as it is much too dangerous. Locally owned Old Bay Pest Control is licensed and trained to remove wildlife using the safest, most humane methods while protecting your home, family, and pets.