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Local Pest Control in Severn MD

Severn, MD is a great family community with something for everyone.  We watch the kids play ball at Meade Village Park and take our dogs to Quals Run Dog Park to socialize. But Severn is also home to a variety of local pests that can wreak havoc on your home and family. These pests are often influenced by our changing weather conditions and find their way indoors seeking a home. Spiders, ants, mice and cockroaches are looking for shelter and any food crumb they can find on a counter or floor. Squirrels or even raccoons can nest in the attic and have their litter. This can make it a stressful uphill battle for homeowners in Severn.
For pest control in Severn, MD you need a local expert familiar with our many pests and rodents. Old Bay Pest Control will remove these pests and keep them out. Old Bay will inspect your property and develop and plan customized to you. Each pest is different and a cookie-cutter program just won’t cut it in Severn. Our monthly or quarterly maintenance programs will keep you pest free. Call today and live the pest free life you deserve.

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    Pest Mice Control Annapolis Maryland


    Remove rodents and prevent their return.

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    Protect your home with termite control services.
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    Remove wildlife and keep them out.

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    Keep your furniture free of bed bugs.

    About Old Bay Pest Control


    Ryan is great to work with! He is professional, knowledgeable was very thorough which is what you want in pest control and removal. Ryan is honest and I appreciate that he did not try to scare me into buying services that I didn’t need. He was able to identify what services I did need and took care of the pests. I had a great experience and would highly recommend Ryan and Old Bay Pest Control. Thanks for the great service.

    Scott B. – Crofton, MD

    Old Pest Control has been wonderful. Ryan is prompt and responsive and uses pet friendly material which is so important when you have an animal. We get quarterly treatments and they started treating our home for mosquitoes this summer and the difference was REMARKABLE. We were able to sit outside and enjoy the weather without being bitten up. Would absolutely recommend this company for your pest control needs.

    Megan H. – Severn, MD

    I was able to get a next day appointment for a squirrel issue in my attic. I was glad to get the problem taken care of quickly before the animal was able to do any damage. Ryan was very professional and explained what he found and showed me photos of the attic and roof access where the squirrel was getting in. He closed off the openings and I have not heard any activity in the attic since the repairs were made.

    Angelita C. – Laurel, MD

    Wildlife Control in Severn, MD

    Severn MD is an area of beautiful family communities and vast open areas including parks like our Severn Danza. With these open areas though comes several forms of roaming wildlife of which many carry disease and virus with them. The most common being Raccoons, opossum, groundhogs, and Foxes. Homeowners should never try to confront wildlife on their own. Turn to the Experts at Old Bay Pest control. We will humanely remove small animals using the safest and most effective methods. If animals have gained entry to your home we will provide exclusion work preventing their return.

    Don’t Let Termites Eat Your Home

    Expert Local Termite Treatment in Severn, MD & Surrounding Areas

    Our Pest Control Guarantee.

    Severn residents love their homes and want to maintain them. That’s why we offer a variety of maintenance programs to keep you pest free 365 days a year. Our maintenance programs are custom designed to combat YOUR pests in your home. No cookie cutter programs, a program custom designed for your pest and your home and are available monthly and quarterly. If a pest should appear between your regularly scheduled services just give us a call. We will be right out, free of charge. Call today to be pest free and stress free tomorrow and every day.

    Rodent Control

    We have co-existed with mice, rats and squirrels for thousands of years. This does not mean you should tolerate sharing your home in Severn and even your food. Rodents can spread virus and disease not only with their droppings but also through their saliva while nibbling at your food. Mice and rats can also cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home as they chew thru wires, drywall and furniture. Also, attic and wall insulation make the ideal nest for their young. This is why it is so important to have rodents removed as soon as you see signs. Old Bay Pest Control will do a complete inspection of your Severn property finding the rodents point of entry. Using the safest methods possible we will not only remove the rodents but with our exclusion work will prevent their return. No one should have to share their home with rodents.

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