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At Old Bay Pest Control we commit to providing the best pest control services for your Annapolis, MD property. We understand that unwelcome visitors can be stressful, especially when dealing with unexpected insect intruders, summer mosquito invasions, rodents, termite swarms and damaging wildlife. This is why Old Bay Pest Control offers Annapolis homeowners a 100% guarantee on our pest Control Services. We will eradicate your pest with our safe, proven methods allowing you to get things back to normal as soon as possible, stress free. Old Bay Pest Control always uses products that will keep all your family and pests safe as well as using only the most humane methods when dealing with wildlife.

At Old bay Pest Control we know that there are several choices for pest control in Annapolis and picking the right service can be challenging. Many of them  same the same thing. Number one! Best in Annapolis! Award Winning!  Who said they are the best? What award did they win? We will tell you who said Old Bay Pest Control is the best. Your friends and neighbors right here in Annapolis and throughout Anne Arundel County. The proof is in our Google 4.9 Star rating. This rating is based on reviews provided by your neighbors and friends in Cape St Claire, Parole, Bay Ridge, Eastport, Georgetown, Annapolis City and throughout Greater Annapolis. Does Old Bay Pest Control provide award winning service? We do. We are very proud to be Home Advisor Elite Service Certified three years in a row! 2019, 2020 and 2021. At Old Bay you will always be treated like family. We will be on time, friendly and respectful. We will listen to your concerns, do a complete inspection, share our findings and explain our course of action. You will be pest free and stress free. We Guarantee it!

By the way, why are these other companies always advertising for new employees on their website? Will your service be done by a new hire.? At Old Bay Pest Control all of our technicians are trained, licensed and participate in ongoing education and training.

Our Pest Control Services

Termite Control & Treatment

Termites cause billions of dollars in property damage each year requiring owners to invest heavily in termite treatment, protection and repairs. Have questions about signs of termite damage in your home or commercial buildings? We provide free inspections and provide an estimate prior to any treatment program. It is important that you understand what signs of termite infestation and damage we see so that the problem can be addressed correctly. There is no point in repairing structural damage if termites continue to infest the property.

Many customers ask how we determine termites are the root cause. There are several telltale signs of termite infestation. Several common signs are as follows:

  • Flying insects with long, paired wings, or the presence of wings alone. This can be indication of a swarm.
  • Hollow sounding walls, door frames, or window frames
  • Droppings that look brown and sandlike
  • Mud tubes along walls or foundations
  • Tapping noises in walls
  • Wrinkled, papery wall board or woodwork

Should you notice any of these, call for a termite inspection and treatment options. Allowing termites to continue to feed off your home’s wood is a recipe for expensive remediation and repairs. There are several affordable termite treatment options available for you that are safe and provide barriers against future infestations.

There are several types of termite treatment options. They are liquid soil-applied treatment, wood treatment, and bait systems. Of the three options, most of our customers require liquid soil treatment to provide adequate protection and extermination. For more information about termite treatment options, we would be happy to speak with you. Give us a call today!

Mosquito Pest Control

Mosquitos are not only a nuisance, they do carry diseases that are harmful for humans and pets. Both West Nile virus and Zika virus are transmitted via mosquitos and can cause serious illness and side effects. Should you notice your property is overrun by mosquitoes in the spring and summer months, you may need mosquito control services.

Treatment for mosquitos begins with a complete inspection of your property. This is important because mosquitos thrive in certain environments. Pools of stagnant water provide the ideal breeding ground for larvae and will need to be treated or removed from the landscape. Some plants provide perfect hiding spots and moisture for mosquitoes to rest and thrive. Identifying these problem areas around your home or business can help prevent the mosquito population from growing and invading your porches, patios and home.

We use the following treatments for customers needing mosquito control:

  • Water treatment to prevent mosquito development, keeping them from developing the ability to fly, prevent eggs from hatching and killing the larvae.
  • Landscape and vegetation treatments deal with adult termite infestations.

Noticing an increase in mosquitoes and dealing with irritating bites? It may be time to call in the professionals to deal with the problem. We are your local mosquito treatment experts and can quickly deal with them, start a monthly treatment program, and keep you and your family safe. Call us today!

Rodent Pest Control

Rodents carry diseases and spread filth throughout your property, breeding and multiplying at alarming rates. The key to keeping your home and business rodent free is dealing with structural issues that are inviting infestation and providing spaces for rats and mice to make themselves at home. Sometimes, rodents chew their way into your crawl spaces, walls and attics giving them access to cause other damage. Trapping and exterminating your home will become first priority.

Do you hear scratching sounds in your walls or have you noticed small droppings on counters, floors and around your foundation? Rats also leave grease marks on wallboard and baseboard as they search for food sources. These signs indicate that rodents have invited themselves into your property and need to be dealt with. Handling it on your own may catch the ones that leave walls and ceilings, but you should be sure the entire nest has been dealt with. We have proven, safe methods of catching and treating rat infestations.

There are several ways that rodents can be dealt with and they are as follows:

Bait traps to poison rats and mice, but must be used carefully in homes with pets and small children. They also allow rodents to remain mobile until they succumb. This can cause other issues down.

Traps, our preferred method, will trap and hold rodents in place until they are safely removed from your property. There are different types of traps that can be used.

Call us today for rodent pest control options for your business or home.

Wildlife Pest Control

We often receive calls from property owners regarding unwelcome visitors such as raccoons, opossums, groundhogs, squirrels, moles and voles. These animals can cause untold damage inside and under your property. The often chew on electrical wires, drag trash and waste into your home, and breed behind walls. Wildlife also carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to your household pets and family.

Wildlife can enter your home through chimneys, gaps in windows, doors and eaves, as well as attic vents. The first step to preventing wildlife from entering your home is to deal with any of the structural issues that permit these creatures to gain access and build nests.

Humanly trapping wildlife is our specialty here at Old Bay Pest Control. We specialize in non-lethal animal removal and inspect your property to help identify any entry points. Contact us for more information on wildlife pest control.

General Pest Control

We provide treatment for the following infestations:

  • Bees & Wasps
  • Beetles
  • Spiders
  • Roaches
  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs*

*Please call to discuss bed bug treatment options. Our ability to provide treatment will depend on restrictions and conditions out of our control.