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Most frequent questions and answers for Pest Control Service

They can but it is unusual. They prefer to eat leftovers over humans. Cockroaches infest homes and businesses because of garbage or food debris on the floor or left out. Crumbs on the floor or carpet, leftovers on the counter and dirty dishes are easy targets. Bites that do occur are usually at night on hands, feet or possible eyebrows.

You can expect a Friendly, Professional and Respectful technician to arrive at your home On Time. After the introduction, few questions and hearing your concerns they will perform a detailed and thorough inspection of your home inside and out including finding your pests nest and entry point. Your technician will them summarize his findings during an open discussion with you telling you his finding, his course of action and making sure all your questions have been answered before the treatment begins.

If you have a few stray ants spraying them may work for you. On the other hand if you have an infestation this will not slow them down. Without training you may be stuck. A professional can track the ants to the colony. Once a poison enters the colony it will be passed thru all the way to the Queen terminating the colony and your infestation. At Old bay Pest Control we will also find their point of entry and seal it. Do carpenter ants actually eat wood? No. While they do not eat wood they tunnel to the point of weakening it. So if the question is do they eat wood the answer is no. If the question is will they weaken or damage a structure or a deck the answer is very much yes.

Knowing whether you have flying ants or termites is very important as they require different treatments. Some flying ants can and do resemble swarming termites. Here is what we look for All four termite wings are the same size while flying ants front wings are much longer that the rear wings. An easy way to tell is that termites have straight antennae while ants are elbowed. Termite wings are much longer that there body. Ants are not. This is a little trickier . While ants have a thin waist, termites have a straight body. If you are still unsure give us a call and we will be happy to come by and identify exactly which pest you may have.

At Old Bay pest control we value your time. This is why we set appointments for specific times throughout the day. A time that fits your schedule. We try to schedule appoints by area when possible such as grouping appointments in St Claire, Parole, Bay Ridge, East Port , Georgetown or downtown when possible . This keeps us close by. But if we are in Hillsmere shores and you need us in White Hall that ok to. If traffic is unusually backed up or we are running late for any reason you will receive a call letting you know. Remember, Old Bay best Control is Annapolis based . For Pest Control in Annapolis we are always prompt and professional.

In Annapolis the pests don’t seem to take a break. We have seasonal pest come and go throughout the year.. The Chesapeake Bay, South River and Severn River provide breeding grounds When new pests come to town with the changing seasons, they are in search of shelter, food and a place to mate. There home sweet home may be your home as it has everything they need. Old Bay Pest Control can irradiate an ongoing infestation but scheduling regular maintenance pest control treatments year round will keep you and your family safe 365 days a year blocking all your pest and stress.

Infestation always leaves behind some sign of the pest’s presence. Grime, buildups or smears on walls, floor, or bite damage on baseboards, furniture, fabric and paper. New strange smells are also a sign as is of course any dropping you see.

Ants have a thin waist. Front pair of wings is larger than the hind legs and they have a thinner waist. Ants also have colored wings and elbowed antennae. Termites have a straight body with no waist line. The four wings are roughly the same size and are clear. They also have straight antennae.

Ants a very hard to control without a professionals help. A Colony can have thousands of ants marching in and out of your home. Like most pests and are hunting for food and water. That are attracted to standing water, left behind food, sweet smells, body heat and even your breath. food or food debris that we leave behind.

If you see one bug you can handle that yourself. But if you are seeing pest more often or suspect they are sharing your home you need a professional. Remember that with infestation comes disease, viruses and bacteria. If they get in your food you are open to all these along with food poisoning. A professional can irradiate the infestation, find there entry point and seal it. You want to keep your family and pets safe. That is what we do at old bay pest control

Termites have a straight body with no waist line. The four wings are roughly the same size and are clear. They also have straight antennae.

Yes it is. Most of our new clients are surprised just how affordable it is. Especially our quarterly preventative pest control program. On an annual basis preventative maintenance is typically only the cost of a couple individual visits for a recurring infestation. For a very affordable price you have peace of mind knowing we are keeping your family and pets safe.

It is. In fact nearly all the products used by our trained professionals are food safe. Once dry it is completely safe. In fact the products typically used in your home are also used in food packing plants and restaurants.

In our area we have assorted seasonal pest invasions year round…With the Chesapeake Bay, its many tributaries and wetlands we have built in breeding grounds When the next seasonal pest shows up , they are looking for shelter, food and a place to call home. Your home may become there home without our quarterly visits.

Visually they are very different when you know what to look for. Ants are narrow at the waist Termites are not. With ants the front pair of wings is larger than the hind legs. With termites all legs are about the same length. Ants also have colored wings and elbowed antennae. Termites have clear wings and straight antennae.

Ants are very hard for a homeowner to control. In most cases it is an uphill battle that ends with calling an exterminator. Aa ant colony usually has thousands of ants. They are inside and out going back and forth. They are attracted to crumbs, standing water, body heat and even your breath. Retail products aren’t nearly as effective and may also be unsafe even when used properly. You may kill what you see but without professional training you will not stop the next invasion. Maybe in just a few days.

Yes. Simply let and chemicals used dry and you can clean right away