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Yes it is. Most of our new clients are surprised just how affordable it is. Especially our quarterly preventative pest control program. On an annual basis preventative maintenance is typically only the cost of a couple individual visits for a recurring infestation. For a very affordable price you have peace of mind knowing we are keeping your family and pets safe.

It is. In fact nearly all the products used by our trained professionals are food safe. Once dry it is completely safe. In fact the products typically used in your home are also used in food packing plants and restaurants.

In our area we have assorted seasonal pest invasions year round…With the Chesapeake Bay, its many tributaries and wetlands we have built in breeding grounds When the next seasonal pest shows up , they are looking for shelter, food and a place to call home. Your home may become there home without our quarterly visits.

Visually they are very different when you know what to look for. Ants are narrow at the waist Termites are not. With ants the front pair of wings is larger than the hind legs. With termites all legs are about the same length. Ants also have colored wings and elbowed antennae. Termites have clear wings and straight antennae.

Ants are very hard for a homeowner to control. In most cases it is an uphill battle that ends with calling an exterminator. Aa ant colony usually has thousands of ants. They are inside and out going back and forth. They are attracted to crumbs, standing water, body heat and even your breath. Retail products aren’t nearly as effective and may also be unsafe even when used properly. You may kill what you see but without professional training you will not stop the next invasion. Maybe in just a few days.

Yes. Simply let and chemicals used dry and you can clean right away


Ryan is great to work with! He is professional, knowledgeable was very thorough which is what you want in pest control and removal. Ryan is honest and I appreciate that he did not try to scare me into buying services that I didn’t need. He was able to identify what services I did need and took care of the pests. I had a great experience and would highly recommend Ryan and Old Bay Pest Control. Thanks for the great service.

Scott B. – Crofton,

Ryan was great! He called me and I explained I had uninvited squirrels living in my attic. He discussed the options to safely trap, or evict them humanely. When he arrived, luckily they were out hunting for acorns and he was able to seal the entry point and not I will sleep without the scratching noises of them dancing on my ceiling. I would definitely hire them again or recommend them to others. Squirrel free and loving it!

Cahba K. – Annapolis, MD

I was able to get a next day appointment for a squirrel issue in my attic. I was glad to get the problem taken care of quickly before the animal was able to do any damage. Ryan was very professional and explained what he found and showed me photos of the attic and roof access where the squirrel was getting in. He closed off the openings and I have not heard any activity in the attic since the repairs were made.

Angelita C. – Laurel, MD