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How Do I Get Rid Of Crickets?

I’m sure you already know how much harm crickets can cause if found lurking in your home.

Jumping on you, damaging your property, or leaving feces on your wall are some of their nasty surprises. So, once you notice the presence of this pest in your household, adopting pest control measures is your best bet.

And if you ever find yourself allergic to some of these pest control chemicals, don’t worry, a pest control exterminator will save the day.

In this article, we will talk about how you can permanently get rid of Crickets from your household to prevent further disturbance in the future.

Make sure you read this article to the end where I will share an easy DIY hack to get rid of this destructive pest.

Let’s get started.

What Are Crickets?

Crickets are nighttime insects, distantly related to a grasshopper.

Their unique characteristics include round heads, long antennae, cylindrical bodies, and large rear legs.

Crickets live an average of 90 days. And generally live in warm environments, such as basements or kitchens.

Why Do I Have Crickets In My Household?

Crickets are probably living in your yard because it has places for them to locate shelter, water, food (crumbs, clothes, and so on)

Like any animal, crickets are prone to remain where they can survive easily, sometimes long enough to reproduce and to enjoy making their chirping early evening noise.

How To Identify The Presence Of Crickets In My Home

Do you regularly hear chirping noises in the morning or early evening? If yes. Perhaps that is the right moment to look out for a cricket infestation.

Hire a pest control exterminator if you need assistance determining what is inside (or outside) your residence.

The following are possible indications of crickets in your home:

  • Fabrics eaten by pest or damaged household equipment.
  • Chirping sounds
  • Cricket feces
  • Stained Fabrics

What Are Crickets After?

As we’ve discussed earlier, just like the majority of insects, rodents, and pests, crickets are primarily drawn to sources of food, shelter, and light.

Crickets also enjoy eating plants and dead insects. When they spot a dead cricket, they will eat it as well. Crickets will therefore be drawn to your home if any of these are present in large quantities.

Pest Control Measures For Crickets

  • Apply Insecticide:

To take a more extreme approach to get rid of the crickets in your house, you can buy sprays, powders, and foggers. To prevent yourself, your family, and your pets from being injured by the chemicals, just make sure you adhere to the insecticide’s instructions.

  • Use Vaccum:

If you have a vacuum with an extension, all you need to do is lay out some bait to get all the crickets to congregate in one spot, then suck them all up. If you like, you can even buy a vacuum designed exclusively to capture bugs. Make sure to put the cricket remains in the vacuum container when you’re finished.

  • Drown the Cricket:

place a big bowl of soapy water in an area of your house where  Crickets love to stay. Crickets enjoy water and will dive in without hesitation, however, the soap in the water will make them sink and drown. You may then easily get rid of them after that.

Why You Need Professional Advice

Crickets might get inside your house even if you take certain protective precautions. It’s preferable to leave your home in the care of experts when something occurs or when you are scared that it could.

Our Old Bay pest control team can help in this situation. We provide pest removal services for both homes and businesses, and our Integrated Pest Management strategy has been shown to get rid of pests and keep them away in the long run.

DIY Hack To Get Rid Of Crickets

Search for mole cricket mounds and look for cricket nips in the early spring around your house.

Two tablespoons of dish soap should be dissolved in one gallon of water.

Distribute the solution over a two-square area of lawn.

If juvenile mole crickets appear, treat that area specifically.

Insecticide granules for lawns would help to minimize damage from cricket tunnels.

At the start of the summer, use more concentrated sprays and pesticide granules on your lawn to kill the residual population of crickets and prevent them from entering your home.

Spray around garage doors, basements, vents, and pipes.

Additionally, you may set up cricket traps and bait around outdoor storage buildings, wood piles, and compost areas.


Pest Control can become very exhausting when you have a number of them.

Allow our skilled professionals and exterminators to cross out this task off your To-do list.

So, to permanently remove these destructive pests from your home? Contact us today!