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What Kind of Pests Come Out in the Spring?

As the weather changes, spring and summer temps will bring out those pesky insect neighbors of yours. There will be no stopping them but only hoping they don’t find you and your home or else you may need to take action to get rid of them.

It’ll likely have you wondering what kind of pests come out in spring and what you should expect. While many different kinds of insects will arrive in the spring, certain species are especially prevalent. Learn more about what to watch out for so you can be prepared.


You’re sure to notice the queen bees and wasps in and around your area in spring. They are natural pollinators just like butterflies. After coming out of the winter hibernation they’ll be on the search for food from the flowers. They risk dying if they fail to find food right away. While bees aren’t necessarily dangerous, their stings do hurt and swell. An allergic reaction to a bee sting can even be life-threatening. Another reason they’re considered pests is that they may cause property damage to your home if they build a nest in places like wall cavities or chimneys.


When you’re wondering about what kind of pests come out in the spring you may think about flies. You are correct, as flies are a top flying insect that will emerge right when spring hits. They usually come into your home when they can’t find food outdoors. If you have common house flies then you may notice that they’re most active during the day. When the weather gets even warmer you may start to notice cluster flies. They tend to be unwelcome pests because they’re some of the most annoying insects out there. Since they are attracted to rotting carcasses, decaying food, and waste, they have the potential to carry diseases.


You can’t forget about mosquitoes when speaking about pests that come out in the spring. Their peak season and when they are the busiest is in the summer. You’ll likely be bothered by them starting in the spring and well into your summer vacation. Not only do they make loud buzzing sounds but they bite and feed on human blood. In some cases, they may even transmit diseases that can be dangerous.


Another common pest you may see in the spring is spiders. You don’t see them in the winter because they’ll be staying put in their man-made shelters such as basements and closets. However, when the weather warms up they will crawl out and let their presence be known. While a few might be nice for eating other insects around your home, they are often scary to look at and some are poisonous such as black widow spiders.  

Next Steps

You can try your best to avoid insects in the spring by preventing them from entering your home and installing mosquito nets. Also, keep your trash sealed and away from your home. In the instance that you believe you have a big problem or infestation, then it’s in your best interest to call the professionals at Old Bay Pest Control to come and check out the situation and offer up a plan for removal.