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Are Millipedes Dangerous to Humans?

Discover whether millipedes are a threat to humans, and how to deal with them

Often mistaken for insects, millipedes are arthropods. The name millipede translates to a thousand legs, but they don’t have this many either. Instead, each millipede will usually have around 100-450 depending on its size and species. You will also find that each segment of their long body will house only two legs. 

Unless you find yourself out in the rainforest, you can expect millipedes to reach a length of about 1-2 inches. You can tell a millipede from other kinds of arthropods because their legs move like a wave, propelling them forward. 

Are millipedes dangerous?

The question you are likely dying to ask is whether these strange segmented creatures are dangerous to humans. However the answer isn’t straightforward because while they won’t sting or bite humans or pets they come into contact with, they can release a nasty smelling fluid that irritates the skin.

Millipedes tend to use this defense mechanism when they feel as if they are in danger, so a person trying to catch one, or a pet that is unaware of the result may find themselves vulnerable. Indeed, when coming in contact with this foul-smelling liquid it’s best to wash it off immediately, otherwise, it can cause nasty skin irritation. Not to mention the smell. 


Will millipedes come into my home?

Millipedes don’t like or enjoy coming into people’s homes for the most part. This is because they like a humid or wet environment, and need plenty of food in the form of decaying plant matter. 

However, sometimes they will find their way into our living spaces and make a nuisance of themselves. The good news is there are some tactics you can use to reduce the chance of this happening. 

How to deter and rid your home of millipedes

First of all, there is a big difference between a few millipedes finding their way into your home and being overrun by a full-blown infestation. Unfortunately, sometimes millipedes can migrate in huge groups and can overrun people’s living space. If this is the case, then getting help from a professional pest control company is the fastest and most effective way of dealing with the problem. 

However, if you are finding single or small groups of unwanted millipedes in your home you can try some of the tactics below: 

  • Reduce their food source by making sure all decaying plant matter is properly disposed of in the compost heap. Ensure this is not close to your house. 
  • Minimise places in which they can live close to your home and garden. Remove stones, wood, and compost in the area around your home. A pest control company will help you identify potential entry points. 
  • Make it harder for them to access your home – seal up any cracks in window seals, foundations, and put gravel between your flower beds and your house. 

Deal with your millipede problem, today! 

While the many-legged arthropods may not be directly dangerous to those living in your home, unless they get scared, it’s understandable why you might not want loads of them scurrying around. Especially if you have young children or pets that don’t understand that the best course of action is to leave them alone. 

To that end, if you are looking to rid your home of millipedes, or minimize their chances of getting in, get in contact with https://www.oldbaypestcontrol.com/, today! Our helpful advisers are waiting for your call.