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Are Cockroaches Dangerous ?

Cockroaches are widespread insect pests that can be found everywhere. Insects like cockroaches are incredibly resourceful and can survive, consume, and reproduce in your home without your knowledge. Cockroaches typically don’t bite, but they can nevertheless pose a health risk to some residents of an infested home or apartment. Breathing in cockroach skin and feces can cause allergy and asthma problems in certain people.

They are quite likely to transfer bacteria and parasites that may be dwelling inside of them due to their lack of cleanliness. These illnesses can be spread by inhalation or through infected open wounds. Cockroaches can spread the Salmonella bacteria, which can cause food poisoning or even typhoid.


  • If you approach a cockroach, it will usually retreat, but if you approach too closely it might itch you. Their strong leg spines can cause scrapes that, if not treated quickly once, are particularly susceptible to infection.
  • They set up asthmatic and allergic symptoms. Cockroaches are frequently identified as asthma and allergy triggers. Until the infestation is resolved, people who are exposed to it may experience frequent allergy and asthmatic symptoms.
  •  Cockroaches will consume almost everything, and they are always looking for food. If they get into your pantry, they’ll probably leave behind bacteria that contaminate your food and render it dangerous to eat. Make sure to discard your food right away if there are any indications that roaches have been nearby.
  • Through their saliva, feces, and urine, they transmit disease. The bacteria and pathogens that cause human illnesses can be transferred by cockroaches. Salmonella, gastroenteritis, dysentery, leprosy, typhoid fever, and cholera are typical roach-borne diseases.


  • COCKROACH DROPPINGS: Cockroaches leave behind a dust of black, varying-length poop that is less than 1 mm broad.
  • SMEAR MARKS: In areas where cockroaches are active, look for smear marks on horizontal surfaces and at wall-floor connections. Cockroaches leave behind brown, smeared traces that have an irregular shape when there is an abundance of water.
  • EGG CAPSULE: Cockroaches lay their eggs in multi-egg capsules known as “egg capsules.” Every species of cockroach has its own capsule.
  • SHED SKIN: Search for this proof in areas you think they are hiding in. As cockroaches develop into adults, nymphal skins are lost 5-8 times.
  • DAMAGE: Not just on food packaging, look for odd evidence of damage. Leather and books are among the organic things that cockroaches will target.
  • UNUSUAL ODOR: A cockroach infestation that is well-established leaves behind a lasting, foul musty odor that taints whatever it comes into touch with..  If you see any of these signs or suspect you may have cockroaches you should call an exterminator right away. Old Bay Pest Control can stop them before you have a infestation. We will exterminate the existing Cockroaches and prevent there return.


We caution against wasting your time and effort on a do-it-yourself treatment if you have a cockroach infestation. The extremely robust and flexible nature of cockroaches makes treatment quite challenging. For instance, because their hard exoskeletons are so challenging to penetrate, pest control procedures frequently are ineffectual, especially when carried out by untrained pest control services.

Best of all, Old Bay Pest Control gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe from these dangerous pests. With your health at stake, it’s always best to turn to a team who can take care of the problem correctly the first time around.

There is no problem too big or too small for Old Bay Pest Control to take on. Our highly trained and fully qualified exterminators have extensive experience in safely eliminating cockroach infestations and guarantee we can take care of yours as well. Using top-quality products and advanced tools, we effectively eliminate and remove all cockroaches from your property and prevent them from coming back in the future. At Old Bay Pest Control, our team has undergone extensive training and can eliminate your cockroach infestation without putting you or your loved ones in harm’s way.