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Rodents in the attic

Are you hearing any noise coming out of the attic? Don’t know what that noise is? Few things are more annoying for a homeowner to listen to than the scraping of something running in the attic. Before you decide that your home is haunted, it might be worth checking to see if rodents have started living under your roof.

Whether they are rats, mice, or squirrels, it is common for them to find their way into your attic. In this article, we will concentrate on how rodents make their way into your attic and how to prevent the problem. 

Are you not able to control the rodent’s problems yourself?  You can have assistance with only one call; contact Old Bay Pest Control for help.

Let’s begin!

Rats, mice, and Squirrels:

Rodents are a subclass of mammals, including several kinds of species. But when we talk about the wild animals residing in your attic, any of the three creatures mentioned below is often the culprit. 


Rats are small creatures that love to stay in attics. Many rat species entitle our area as their home, but roof rats are the ones most often found in your attic. Roof rats, as the name shows, are great climbers who love keeping themselves in high places. They have the ability to climb to your roof and find their way into your home attic.


Mice are able to live in the attic and do live there. However, it is rare. Mice love to be around humans because we give a lot of food to them. And as mice are small creatures, they hide easily in places near living rooms rather than the attic in your home.

But it does not imply that they will never enter the attic. But, it can also be true as mice are so quiet and small, you won’t know they’re there until you look for them.


They are the major attackers of the attics. Squirrels want a good shelter to build their nests, and attics are best for that. Unlike mice and same as rats, there is a good chance that squirrels enter your attic. They choose to have their food from outside and will take advantage of your attic nesting.

Why do rodents Like Attics?

When you consider it, you will come to know that attics provide the perfect place for rodents to stay. Attics not only offer them a roof to protect them from rain or any unpleasant weather but being in the attic protects them from large predators. In addition, attics have insulation that is the perfect material for nesting during the winter.

Could rodents come back to the same location?

If their entry point is not blocked, yes.

Grey squirrels are the commonest species at our place; they will raise their babies using the same nest, usually returning two times per year to produce a new litter. However, as they stay only for a few years, the original inhabitants will not return for long. Still, if your attic is the safe and ideal place to stay, a new group of rodents will discover it soon. 

And if we talk about mice and rats, they are less likely to return back to the same place. These rodents will keep producing babies under your roof, except for you discard them from your place or contact Old Bay Pest Control to do this job for you. Even though you dispose of them you will eventually have these unwanted invaders in your home again. 

How can I know whether rodents are gone or not?

Once you have located rodents in your home attic and have gotten rid of them, it can be hard to notice that they’re back. You may wake up at night for every minor noise, thinking if there is another rodent.

It can be difficult to know if rodents have truly left your attic. However, a major sign is their dropping. Clean up any remaining droppings in your attic, and you can continue to monitor to monitor your attic. Rodents can’t hide for long as they poop a lot.

How to get them away permanently?

It is difficult to get rid of rodents permanently; a lot of patience is needed for this task. All the trappings in the world won’t work if you don’t solve this big problem. Whether it’s rats, mice, or squirrels, attics are the best places for rodents to stay, and if one rodent locates your attics, others will certainly do likewise. 

It  is very important to find their entrance points and block them immediately once rodents are out of the attic. It needs a detailed examination of your roof from the outside. Keep in mind that rodents require only half-inch holes to enter, and mice are so small that they enter a hole of ¼ of an inch.

It can be challenging to locate every entry point that rodents might use, so if you are not sure about your abilities in this task, you can contact Old Bay Pest Control to help you. We can assist with a pest inspection of your home to find all entry points. We will remove all rodents and block there return leaving you rodent free.

Free your property from rodents:

After the rodents are out of your attic and it is protected to prevent further entry of such creatures, you can remove unsecured garbage, food sources such as birds feeders, and tree branches away from your roof; this removal of unnecessary things can make your house less captivating for future invaders. 

A lot of effort and work is required for rodent-proofing homes. But once rodent proofing is done, it is worth it.