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Mouse in the House?


Mouse in the House?

Fast Effective Rodent Control in Annapolis & Anne Arundel County.

Rodents like mice and even rats are an ongoing issue in our area.  But the issue intensifies as cooler temperatures come.  They are racing to find their winter homes – a warm place to nest and find food regularly – like your home.  These rodents must be stopped at first sighting.  Rodents cannot only damage your home by chewing their way through wires and wood but they also nest in insulation and even your blankets.  Much worse than the damage they cause, is the virus and diseases they bring into your home which put your family and pets in harms way.  As they search for crumbs on the floor and kitchen counter, sometimes sharing your snack or your pets’ food, they leave viruses and disease everywhere they crawl thru their urine and feces and on food and water sources thru their saliva.  Many times they bring fleas and mites along for the ride.  If you see one rodent, it’s best to call for help right away.  Our licensed technicians are trained at mouse and rodent extermination and prevention.  We will custom design a program for you that will eradicate them.  Finding and removing the rodents and their nest is just the first step.  We will keep them from returning by locating and sealing any access points blocking their return.  Call or text Old Bay Pest Control today (443) 603-5651