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Do Mice Hide in the Home During Fall and Winter?

Finding mice hidden away during the cold winter months is not a nice feeling. It can be quite scary if you have a fear of finding a mouse in your house. Therefore, it is important to know what to do as mice do hide in the home during the fall and winter. 

Mice hide during these months due to the cold temperatures. Mice get cold, just like humans do. Therefore, they find somewhere to hide away in order to stay warm and feel safe. Although they might want somewhere secure to hide, it isn’t nice living with knowing you have mice in your house. 

On that note, here is what to do. 

Call expert exterminators

When you find or hear mice in your house, the first thing you will want to do is worry. However, the best thing to do is call expert exterminators. These will help get rid of the mice and ensure to seal off any entry or exit points, which will help catch every single one. 

You can call Old Bay Pest Control, who can help you with the extermination of the mice. Using pest control, you can ensure to treat the problem the right way. 

Use repellents

Should you want to try and tackle the pests yourself, then you might want to know about the best repellents. 

Mice dislike certain odours and objects, which will ensure to keep them away. These include:

  • Onions. 
  • Peppermint oil. 
  • Ammonia. 
  • Pepper. 

Lying these things around the home might not be a great smell for you. Yet, it certainly won’t be a good scent for the mice. It will make them run away fast as they dislike the scents of onions, peppermint, and more. It will prevent them from trying to hide around your home. 

In fall and winter, it is most common for mice to hide in areas that do not create a lot of traffic. This will likely be in a basement, attic, or under the floorboards. Therefore, ensure to lie the repellents in the correct places.

Identify the entryways

Before you start to treat the areas that you think the mice are hiding in during the fall and winter, it is important to first identify the entryways. Different mice will find different places to hide. Nonetheless, they typically gather and hide in groups for added warmth and security.

Therefore, once you find the entryways, you will know where to dedicate your time and treatments in order to prevent the mice from hiding. 

Install barriers

When you know the entryways the mice enter and exit from, you should create barriers so that they are stopped in their tracks. 

If you are scared of mice, then it will help to set up these barriers and then call pest control to help to remove the mice. They will ensure to get rid of them for good. There is no use collecting them in a pan and throwing them into the garden as they will likely just return. Using pest control will always guarantee the best results to remove the mice.